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Sex about to happen in tavern Stara Pesma.

The winner of Serbian Big Brother Marijana Čvrljak and Nikola Nemešević Nemeš have been spotted few days ago in tavern Stara Pesma having intimate party.

Stara Pesma

Photographed at Tavern Stara Pesma

They were dancing so intimately that reminded us all of those scenes from Big Brother. On photos you can see that Marijana didn't pay much attention at other people, that even in some moment she started to take of Nemeš's pants.

stara pesma 3

Photographed at Tavern Stara Pesma

Luckily for others, she stopped there... A little reminder: Marija Čvrljak is know as a winner of Big Brother serial in 2011 as well as the fact she cheated on her husband with Nemeš on TV screens.

stara pesma

Photographed at Tavern Stara Pesma

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