VIP Nightlife Service

This service is designed for a group of people who want to spend a little more money to feel like a real VIP.

For this kind of experience we recommend one of these most popular clubs in Belgrade



1) Freestyler

2) Shake'n'Shake

3) Lasta

4) Club 94

5) River (RNB Sunday)



1) Tilt

2) The Bank

3) Brankow

4) Mr. Stefan Braun


The VIP service includes:

1) VIP table - the best spot in the club (we can arrange you to be surrounded with other girls/guys guests)

2) Personal guide (male or female)

3) Bypass the entrance queue - entering the club without waiting in the line

and ALL OF THIS IS FREE - you pay for drinks only. If you have any special needs feel free to ask our call center operator.


You can make a reservation via WhatsApp or Viber at +381 63 33 33 44 or +381 63 34 34 33 or send an email to [email protected] with your preferences or additional questions.