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Club Ben Akiba

Nebojša Intruder & Munja od 22h (donji nivo); Joma Maja & Marko Vuković od 22h (gornji nivo, ulaz 300 rsd)

+381 63 33 33 44
+381 63 34 34 33

Belgrade nightlife – Online reservations and recommendations

Where to go out in Belgrade?

It would seem like a million dollar question. Belgrade nightlife is one of the main features of our city, listing it among the world’s ultimate capitals of nightlife. The variety of going out options in Belgrade Serbia is where we come in – check out nightlife photos, clubs interior and location, and decide where your next night of party begins!

Ways to make a reservation

Once you’ve made a decision what kind of music you’d like to dance to and what kind of environment suits you, the rest is simple. All you have to do is to pick out a spot that Belgrade Serbia nightlife can offer for the best night out and make a reservation right here in one of the following ways:

Unique Belgrade nightlife

Belgrade nightlife – “Beograd nocu” was created with one goal in mind – to represent the unique vibe of Belgrade nightlife, the kind that attracts the whole world, allowing it to discover a rare spirit of nightlife, found nowhere else.

Is it a specific fusion of the turbulent area, the need for freedom and the positive energy Belgraders channel in the right way – we are not entirely sure, but we know this – clubs, pubs and restaurants that keep their doors open until late are the best possible way to discover and experience Belgrade.

Belgrade nightlife portal is here to help you book the best places for going out in Belgrade, where good time is guaranteed!

Night out guide in Belgrade

Where to go out in Belgrade? –  we can agree that the answer to this question is not uniform. For example, somebody enjoys loud music, somebody gets their groove on by house music and modern hits, while somebody else loves a more traditional sound of tambourine. Whatever your choice, choose the type of spot that best suits you and your music preference:

Belgrade Serbia nightlife is world wide famous, which is a completely justified notion, being that no other city can compare with Belgrade, when it comes to nightlife offer. Whether you opt for night clubs in belgrade, taverns, pubs or river clubs during the summer, Belgrade nightlife offers alternatives throughout the whole year!

You can never get bored, you can only be undecided, but we are here to help you make a right choice quickly! If you haven’t visited our capital before, it’s safe to say that once you have, Belgrade nightlife will be one of the first things to charm you!

The freedom and variety of choice are some of the ultimate reasons people fuss over Belgrade nightlife, and once you experience it too, you will know why. Any spot you guarantees you a great time, yours is only to decide when and where. Allow yourself to be captured by unique atmosphere and positive spirit of Belgrade nightlife, the best in eastern Europe!

When it comes to going out, Belgrade is ALWAYS ready, but are you ready for the night out in Belgrade? Hurry up and reserve you spot, and begin discovering Belgrade Serbia nightlife we’re so famous for!