• Sajamski kej bb
    Beograd, Savski venac
  • 00:00h - 06:00h
  • Disco / Funk / Pop
  • 500 Ljudi


FRIDAY 06. August
Night flight - DJ Prema od 20h

SATURDAY 07. August
White in the night - DJ's Divolly & Markward od 20h

SUNDAY 08. August
Gradski matinée - DJ Dooshan od 18h

Club Lasta is a work of the crew  responsible for famous city clubs “Brankow”, “Mladost”  and “Ludost”  and the concept of this club represents a mixture of all. City club is located in Savamala and represents a place that connects elegancy and sophisticated spirit of crazy parties on river.

First of his kind, on Belgrade side of Sava river, in old part of Belgrade, this club grows mostly program with DJ scene.

This club is a shelter for sophisticated city crew that knows and loves to have fun with quality electro sound, with emphasis on deep and disco house melodies. DJ stand takes turn by famous city disc jockeys such as Peppe, Pookie and Goran Starčević, but there is always a place for guest stars by foreign DJ, mash-up and hip-hop nights.

Club Lasta outflows with unique environment that has been a work of art by famous architect Đorđe Gec who also signs clubs “Brankow”, “Mladost” and “Ludost”. Club Lasta is located on a part of the river near old Sava river bridge (old railway bridge) at the end of Hercegovačka Street, not far from famous restaurants “Iguana”, “Komunale” and “Frida”. You can get in front of the main entrance by car, and there you can find a large number of parking spaces. First club in old part of Belgrade works four days a week.

On Fridays and Saturdays you can listen to house melodies, while Thursdays are predicted for mash-up and Sundays for hip-hop sound.

Reservations are mandatory.
You can make a free reservation using our call center or the online form.

Mapa - Club Lasta