• Ćirila i Metodija 2a
    Beograd, Zvezdara
  • 20:00h - 01:00h
  • Pop / Folk
  • 110 Ljudi


SUNDAY 18. November
Nedeljni ručak

MONDAY 19. November
Ozvučeni Tamburaši ''Mala Maca''

TUESDAY 20. November
Dve gitare exYU rok i starogradska

WEDNESDAY 21. November
Dve gitare exYU rok i starogradska

THURSDAY 22. November
Ozvučeni Tamburaši ''Bačena Kašika''

FRIDAY 23. November
Danubius acoustic

SATURDAY 24. November
Ozvučeni Tamburaši ''Mala Maca''

Tavern Korčagin is one of the old taverns new generation. It's opened for more than a decade and all that time was synonym for best parties in taverns.

It is located near Vukov monument, at No 2a Ćirila i Metodija Street.

In tavern Korčagin you can stop by with full bags on your way from market and take a rest with a cup of coffee in god company. In tavern Korčagin you can hear all kind of stories, talk to people and whole time you wont worry about your wallet since prices are very affordable. Younger population that comes here, fully accept ideology, while the elders nurture it.

Tavern Korčagin has very authentic and unusual interior. Red-white-blue colors of communism are dominating, with lot of ethnic elements. Picture of guards, brigades from work activities and all of those that cannot be forgotten - Stjepan Filipović, Ljuba Čupić... Pictures of Josip Broz Tito, hammer and sickle, pointed star, flag and coat of arms, will bring back the elders into their youth and thought the young ones about old time.

The interesting thing is that all that things are brought in tavern by guests. But, while somebody brings, the others take away and steal, ''People give, people take away'', so the setting of tavern is changing depending on visitors.

Tavern Korčagin is a place where you can always have a god meal. On menu you will find unusual and unique offer, such as, ''If only my mother could see me'', ''God bless you'', ''Daliborka Stojšić leg''.

Reservations are mandatory.
You can make a free reservation using our call center or the online form.

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