VIP Nightlife Service

This service is designed for a group of people who want to spend a little more money to feel like a real VIP.


For this kind of experience we recommend one of this 3 most popular winter clubs in Belgrade:

1) Mr Stefan Braun

2) Tilt

3) Beton

4) Dragstor Play


The price of this package is 450 EUR and it includes:

1) VIP table - the best spot in the club (we can arrange you to be surrounded with other girls/guys guests)

2) 3 bottles of premium brand drinks (vodka, whiskey or champagne)

3) Personal guide (male or female)

4) Bypass the entrance queue - entering the club without waiting in the line


You can make a reservation via WhatsApp or Viber at +381 63 33 33 44 or +381 63 34 34 33 or send an email to with your preferences or additional questions.

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