New Year

Let's cut to the chase. You want the best party experience for the craziest night of the year? Are you ready to discover New Year's Eve 2019 in Belgrade then? And not just the New Year's Eve, but so, so much more? Then read this!

Why spend New Year's Eve in Belgrade?

You do want to give Belgrade a try. This renowned capital of nightlife and partying really peaks during the night all want to remember-New Year's Eve. It is like every single club gives tenfolds more, making sure the glam, the sparkle and the glitter become even more dazzling and enticing, and everyone just goes all out. The ladies, the gents, the waiters, the cocktail artists, the musicians, entertainers, you name it. The only thing you need to think about well in advance is booking your spot at some of the busiest and most in demand nightclubs in Belgrade. Do not let frustration over clubs being sold out get to you.

All you need it to plan ahead and contact our reservation services at

The biggest celebration of the year - New Year's Eve for the win!

New Year's Eve is one of the world's biggest celebrations marking the last day of the year according to the Gregorian calendar - December 31st. Start the countdown, wherever you are in the world... It's just the time to start searching for the best parties, to keep track of the old ones and in a way-summarize life and all its joy in a single, great big BANG. Do it the the right way and enter the New Year 2019 - Belgrade style!


Here are our top picks for you.

1) The Bank Club

The Bank Club is the first and the only true RnB club in Belgrade. Its reputation for being “The world’s finest club” matches the prestigious award they got. Famous Belgrade DJs known for great RnB and house parties are resident DJs. High level service, a wide selection of drinks, beautiful and interesting people you can meet and all that benefits of clubbing experience you will find in the BANK.

It is all about RnB and Hip Hop at The Bank, but, for the NYE – you will have the pleasure of enjoying a mash up of house music as well.

THE BANK nightclub is located at the most exclusive area in Belgrade and this is exactly where you wanna be. At the centre of it all!

  • Address: Karađorđeva 2-4, Belgrade, Stari grad
  • Regular opening hours: 00:00h - 04:00h
  • Music: RnB
  • Capacity: 400 People


2) Freestyler Winter Stage

Freestyler Winter Stage is in a way the younger brother of famous nd legendary Freestyler summer club in Belgrade. Both are well known by their remarkable parties, and hosting some of the best DJs in the world.

Club Freestyler Winter Stage represents completely new dimension of clubbing in Belgrade and it's located at Sava pier parking lot of Beton Hala.

Guests can expect an extensive top music program and many surprises as well. This club is taking the city by the storm and becoming one of the leading places of Belgrade nightlife thanks to its energy and electric buzz charging both the atmosphere and its guests. This is what you want-to enter New Year 2019 full of optimism and energy!

  • Address: Karađorđeva 2-4, Belgrade, Stari grad
  • Regular opening hours: 23:30h - 05:00h
  • Music: Disco / House / RnB
  • Capacity: 450 People


3) Hype

Hype is a club which fully justifies its name. It is not surprising that the people stand in lines to get the chance to experience its enticing and unforgettable vibe. First thing you will notice is the ambience which will captivate you and your senses. The interior of the Hype Club makes it the most glamorous in the city! Things that definitely distinguish this club from others are the most modern lighting installations and the sound system which greatly contribute to the overall impression. The music concept is based on house music and similar genres, so all those who wish to enjoy this type of music for the New Year’s Eve will definitely come to the right place! This is the up and coming place quickly becoming the number one choice for the urban city crowd!

  • Address: Karađorđeva 46, Belgrade, Savski venac
  • Regular opening hours: 23:30 - 04:00
  • Music: House
  • Capacity: 400 people


4) Brankow

Club Brankow is located in the down town area, just below Branko’s Bride, at Number 12 Crnogorska Street. The club itself extends on 200 square meters and it is practically built into the bridge itself making it a unique venue with a little bit of a funky vibe to it. It is a mixture of Berlin, London and New York chic style.

The lighting and illumination at the club are mostly yellow, which complements the street lights and the illumination on the bridge. Club Brankow is a mixture of urban and avant-garde, wild and sophisticated. The architect of this club is famous Đorđe Gec, who also designed Tube, Mladost and recently opened river club Lasta.

There is a lot of contrasts such as elements of concrete and glass, wood and leather. The attention to every single detail echoes another piece done by an English clubbing expert, among whose references is London restaurant China White.

  • Address: Crnogorska 12, Belgrade, Savski venac
  • Regular opening hours: 00:00h - 04:00h
  • Music: Disco / House / Funk / RnB
  • Capacity: 500 Ljudi


5) Mr Stefan Braun

Club Mr Stefan Braun is in many ways a unique club in Belgrade. It is legendary for its cocktails above all, the showmanship, circular fun movement n a way rare at other clubs. With this specific atmosphere, original location and and a carefully selected music program, Club Mr. Stefan Braun is the only club offering a hidden pleasure of Belgrade nightlife. Why? It is located on the 9th floor and unless you know where you are going you might get confused. The entrance to the club is directly from elevator. Go up, and wait for the excitement to boil up. Mr. Stefan Braun is a club with modern and particular ambience and resembles some of the best clubs in many other capitals with broad target group.

  • Address: Nemanjina 4, Belgrade, Savski venac
  • Regular opening hours: 00:00h - 05:00h
  • Music: Disco / House / R'n'B / Hip Hop
  • Capacity: 300 People


Happy New Year's Eve!