• Grobljanska 9
    Beograd, Zemun
  • 22:00h - 03:00h
  • Traditional music
  • 150 People

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Beograd Noću

Tavern Ona is popular new name for an old tavern Ona, a ne neka druga. Tavern Ona is located at No 9 Grobljanska Street in Zemun and ''Ona'' (her) is absolute master of this little house tucked next to the tower at Gardoš.

Unusual name of this tavern is completely appropriate for this specific facility for night fun. Tavern Ona is an unique story, with original concept from beginning to an end.

Tavern Ona has a lot of interesting details that you not expect, which is a credit of creative people of this tavern. God time and live music are guaranteed.

If you like to be a guest of tavern Ona it's necessary to  adopt the rules of behavior and believe us -  you will love this rules:

Rule No 1: Tavern Ona is conceived as tavern for women which allows weaker sex to relax, enjoy and feel as most important guests. Because, they are.

Rule No 2: First of all, so you could enter in this tavern, make sure at least one ''her'' is in your company.

Rule No 3: Women on table, women under table, women holding to a ceiling and men are astonished. According to this rule, only ''her'' can be allowed do dance on tables and chairs.

Rule No 4: Men are required to adjust  their feelings, behavior and  habits in a way that will like her... so in tavern Ona you can only be gentlemen and real man.

Rule No 5: Men are there, so they could with their presence and behavior allow ''her'' to be maximal satisfied in tavern Ona.

Rule No 6: In tavern Ona only ''her'' has privileged status, even in front of the toilet.

Rule No 7: They have absolute right ''to bully'' the staff, as well as men around them.

Rule No 8: You are all welcomed if you bring with yourself good mood and appropriate amount of money. Guys, you won't allow for ''her'' to pay everything, won't you?

Rule No 9: Tavern Ona is accepting visitors until it's all bucked (even for standing), that's way reservations are mandatory and this tavern is very popular. Otherwise, recommendation is to come earlier and find a place. However, tavern Ona is small tavern.

Rule No 10: Last rule of tavern Ona you have to obey is that you do not bring your good mood outside on street and parking. Tavern Ona is under constant surveillance of neighbors who are eager to shut it down, therefore if you would like for Ona to waits for you at the same place, obey this rule.

Now you can enjoy, be cheerfuller, smile, sing and love each other... Pleasant ambient  and affordable prices with live bend performances is something you couldn't resist. Tavern Ona is opened for all party lovers, but only with presence of one favorite - her.

Live music is main ingredient in amazing atmosphere of tavern Ona. Every weekend tavern Ona and wired musicians are waiting for you. Musicians are playing on string instruments, but with presence of one hardworking harmonica. Tavern Ona is always surprising you, so do not miss.

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Tavern Ona
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